ceilingK & S Turnbull take pride in being able to offer a comprehensive range of suspended ceiling options and specialise in, supply and installation of all leading European systems.

This includes expertise in plasterboard, mineral fibreboard and metal suspended acoustic installations, and encompasses both off-the-shelf standard applications and one-off, custom systems. We additionally fit bulkheads for modern developments and refurbishments.

As a team, we welcome challenging designs and can provide impactful end-to-end solutions that meet all cost, design and programme requirements. Our hands-on experience of working with leading contractors has also given us the insight and ability to co-ordinate our on-site activity with other trades - to minimise delays and hit targets. This integrated approach guarantees excellent communication and ensures the highest possible standards of finish.

ceilingOur Suspended Ceiling expertise includes:
  • Standard and bespoke installations

  • Experience of all major European mineral fibre systems

  • Ability to work closely with other trades

  • Exposed or Lay-in grid; Concealed grid; Semi-concealed grid; Concealed grid for

  • Metal clip-in tiles; Metal furring systems; Grid; Perimeter trims; Hangers; Access to the ceiling void
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